Loan Equipment

We have recently purchased some new equipment because of the demand on these items! 

20 New equipment 

Ipad TC


Equipment in the ATANZ CAT 1 loan pool 

ATANZ has purchased equipment for the CAT 1 loan pool. This equipment can be requested from Talklink, who manages the ATANZ equipment, as well as the MoH re-issued equipment and the Talklink equipment.

TalkLink has a referral form to request loans of trial equipment:

The following equipment is available for trial:
· EchoVoice EV6 voice amplifier
· 12 BigPoints
· several iPad Minis with LifeProof case and strap
· several iPad with LifeProof case and strap
· Predictable communication app
· TouchChat with WordPower communication app
· LAMP Words for Life communication app
· PODD with COMPASS communication app
· Little Step by Step without levels
· Big Step by Step without levels
· GoTalk 20+
· Buddy button
· Switch adapted toys
· Powerlink
· Dual switch latch & timer
· Jellybeamer twist

ATANZ OT Assessment Kit
ATANZ has a “switch assessment kit” for the CAT loan pool. This equipment can be requested for trial by CAT level 1 & 2 assessors to complete an initial assessment of a clients switching ability, identify potential equipment options, and assist in determining the next step for alternative access.
· HP Probook laptop
· Crick box
· Buddy button (small) Buddy button (large) Jellybean button
· Gooseneck mounting with universal plate
· Big Bang software
· Switch Skills 2 software
· Switch Skills for Two set 2 software Switch Skills Scanning software



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